‘People of Mooresville’ represent community

Many of you have heard of the People of Walmart website. Filled with people wearing Halloween costumes in the middle of July, or the farmer who happens to also be wearing stilettos at three o’clock in the morning, the website has it all. These quick captures display the variety of shoppers that frequent their local Walmart. I am not sure how this craze got started but I certainly think to myself every time I go into Walmart; could I end up on that site?

The reality is we all get caught once in a while being a part of a group. Sometimes it is more flattering than others. I began thinking about the People of Mooresville and what would be said if we had our own website that went viral. You would see people around town waving at each other and smiling as they wait to cross IN-67. We have great places to shop, eat, an incredible school system, and a park that is filled with numerous activities. The familiar faces of families who have been in the area for many generations, and those who have lived here for 25 years but are still known to be from Decatur.

I personally love hearing stories from people who built this community. As I drive by one of the new auto parts stores I think, President Reagan once ate in that same location. Every day when I enter Ivy Tech Community College I look at our popcorn maker and think how many years popcorn has served this location, previously Ace Hardware. Our Marsh is about to become a Tractor Supply, and what was once a small hospital is now one of the best joint replacement centers in the country.

Although many things have changed around town, so much stays the same. Mooresville is the definition of Hoosier Hospitality. The people are what make the community and we have great people. I love to see the People of Mooresville around town. It may not be as interesting, certainly not as embarrassing, but still worth taking a closer look. I hope next time I see you, I recognize your smile, and you will probably think to yourself, didn’t I see him at Walmart?

Treg Hopkins

Chamber Ambassador

 Ivy Tech Community College Site Director

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