Change is the name of the game for Mooresville

Change is good. Spring is a time for change. With spring comes a change in the weather, a change for the good — usually.

Our downtown landscape has changed with the addition of a new park. This will be the first spring and summer with our new park downtown, and there are lots of fun activities currently in the planning stages. This spring, we also have a change in the tax code which will reduce taxes for most people.

For most, these are all changes for good. Of course, there are those that feel differently, but you can’t dispute that things are changing. Sometimes change requires the prudent to plan for the change, plan for the future. Just as the tax law changes will affect us this year, but we may not see the full effect until taxes are filed next year, some changes require advance preparation. We plan for eventual changes now, to maximize their potential for our future.

Your Mooresville Chamber of Commerce is also in a state of change — a spring, if you will. With a new board this year, the emphasis will revolve around strategic planning for the future. In fact, your board spent a good deal of time this past week with Dr. Al Long, strategic planning guru. We are in the process of finding out what our members want and need, both short-term and long-term. This will inevitably require some changes to our policies and processes. Just as the tax law changes and our new park will be positive for most, we hope the changes coming down the pike for the chamber will be positive for all of our members, businesses, not-for-profits and individuals.

There are several new businesses downtown, and more coming soon. There will also be some opportunities for even more growth with the remodeling of the old Biff’s buildings. Businesses moving into the downtown in the last year and a half have shown an excitement for the changes coming to the downtown, and they are excited about our vibrant chamber, also. Many people and businesses will have more money to spend because their tax burden is being reduced.

We all look forward to the end of the snow and warmer temperatures. This is a great season for all of these changes. We hope our strategic planning efforts will be a positive change for all of our community and member base, too.

Julie Lakes

Mooresville Chamber of Commerce Treasurer

Julie Lakes, CPA


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